Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood and the original East Village.  This is Inglewood.

Today, the neighbourhood is a shopping and arts district with multiple parks and pathway system that runs adjacent to the river.

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Inglewood promotes an arts and culture-filled district with more than 220 businesses, including  shops, boutiques and eateries attracting locals and tourists alike.

It is the home of Music Mile, Jazz YYC, Sunfest, Night Markets, Fringe Festival, Bleak Mid Winter Film Festival, and multiple events are hosted in Inglewood throughout the year. It boasts iconic Calgary live music venues like the Ironwood Stage and Grill (formerly The Garry Theatre), the Blues Can, and Festival Hall, the headquarters for the Calgary International Folk Festival.

Inglewood has been a lively residential and commercial hub in Calgary since 1875. It continues to be a vibrant, historic, pedestrian- oriented neighbourhood and home of many of Calgary’s iconic institutions, including 400 residential, institutional and commercial buildings constructed before 1914. Inglewood was designated by the Canadian Institute of Planners as Canada’s Greatest Community in 2014.

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