API Feed

Deliver neighbourhood and condo building video and photo, with written content & mapping to property listings to improve/enhance property presentations. In addition, video and photo content can be used for website content - neighbourhood and building profiles.

Revenue Streams

1) Paid subscription feed for real estate agents, property management companies, property owners, home builders. Limited number or full access to all content/feeds. Agent/owner can sign up directly through website or through a third party affiliate - like a real estate website provider - local examples:

- Affiliate program will give a commission/percentage of the monthly subscription fee fo reach client that signs up - this can be an add on service to the affiliates base rates.

2) Feed per listing - Agent/owner can pay per listing to feed the video and photos into third party platforms like the real estate board, rental websites, vacation rentals, etc. Again, third party affiliate will get a commision on every listing feed paid for by their clients.


Deliver 2 core products. 1) Neighbourhood video and photos 2) Building video & photos.


Based on the subscription, the client can choose to have standard branding from the our platform or a white label option where they add their watermark and logo to their profile within the system and that will branded all of their content on their website.

For third party affiliates and platforms, we can set agreements where all content used on their website is branded to that affiliate. Eg - RentFaster agreement will have all photos & videos branded to RentFaster so it appears that RentFaster is providing the add on service vs our platform.

Initial Requirements

I will need the following:

1) Front end platform for clients to view our services, inquire, sign up and choose subscription. This can be either WordPress or a different platform. If it's WordPress then I can handle front end design & content.

2) Client Dashboard - where they can manage their subscription, profile, logo, watermarks, and the ability to select what available neighbourhoods and buildings they would like to feed through to their website.

3) Affiliate Sign Up & Management - where affiliate/third party platform can manage their profile, logo, watermarks and manage their api feed.

4) Admin management system to oversee all aspects of the platform. Including managing content for each neighbourhood & building - photos, videos, write up and mapping.

5) API Feed - this can either be a REST API or another form of API - whatever will make the most sense.

6) Content/Media Management - again, this is something that can be built internally or use an external hosting system to manage all video/photos. Like Ziggeo.

Scalable Requirements

The product like will scale/expand in the near future where we can feed not only photo/video into an agents website (for neighbourhoods & buildings), but provide a complete one page presentation for their neighbourhood & building profiles, but for their listings.


Here's a couple different mocks of what I'm thinking of for a feed into Realtor.ca. This can be applied to any third party platform.

Below is a link to an active listing on Realtor.ca for the same building. As you can see, the only info they have for the area or building is a third party map showing amenties near by.

And here's a Vancouver agent who has some content for a neighbourhood on her website - as you can see it's lacking lots of relevant info