Show is better than tell

LocalPix delivers high quality neighbourhood and condo building photos and videos, enhancing property presentations & website content for our clients.

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Show is better than tell.

LocalPix delivers high quality neighbourhood and condo building photos and videos, enhancing property presentations for our clients.

The perfect addition to your property presentation

Showcasing a modern highrise to highlighting the neighbourhood park, our comprehensive neighbourhood and condo building content is the perfect fit for your property presentation. From custom branded video presentations to stunning single page property presentations, LocalPix is the perfect partner for your property.

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We have comprehensive photo & video content for Vancouver, Calgary & Kelowna. See all the neighbourhoods & buildings that we have on file.

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Single property websites

The ultimate presentation. Our single property presentations are carefully crafted to showcase your property and the neighbourhood.

Custom Websites

Custom crafted realtor & property management websties packed full of amazing neighbourhood content, photos & videos.

Custom Profiles & Property Videos

Showcase a neighbourhood, highlight a highrise, or simply show off your property listing. Our profile & property videos are sure to make an impact.


Neighbourhood Profiles

Showcasing all the key features and amenities in the community,, our neighbourhood videos will give your audience a great feel for the area.


Condo Building Profiles

Highlighting highrsies with our custom branded condo building videos. Give your audience a first hand look the building, it's amenities and the surrounding area.


Property Videos

Transform your property photos into an engaging property video wrapped in neighbourhood content. Our custom branded property videos will increase your exposure and help capture more potential clients.

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