High Quality Stock Photos & Videos To Help You Promote Your Property.

Find stunning video and crystal clear photos of hot neighbourhoods & condo buildings in Vancouver, Calgary & Kelowna.

Curated content to give your website & listings a kick.


Property Listings

Give your listing some punch by adding our  neighbourhood and building stock content to your property.   Include photos with your listing and make your videos pop with our 4k video footage.


Website Content

Content is king!   Create neighbourhood and condo building profiles on your website and boost your SEO!  Adding rich content to your website will keep visitors on your website longer…which equals higher conversion.


Print Marketing

From listing sheets to big banners, our crystal clear high resolution images will make your print marketing pop.

"Working with LocalPix has been great, the content they are providing is hyper-local and relevant to the communities we work in. The quality and pride they take in their work is evident in every photo and video they produce. If you're looking for local content or have a special project that requires a specific set of visual media, you need to call LocalPix."

Property videos.

Turn your photos into a stunning marketing piece with our custom property videos.  Simply send in your photos or video footage of your listing and we’ll craft a custom video tour incorporating our neighbourhood & building video content.

Branded just for you.

All purchased content can be custom branded (optional) to protect your investment. Simply supply us with a high resolution version of your logo and we will watermark all the photos and add your branding to the intro and credits of your video​


We do condos & communities.

LocalPix has hit the streets in Calgary, Vancouver & Kelowna, creating high quality photos and videos of some of the hottest neighbourhoods & condo buildings.   Our crystal clear stock content showcases all the highlights in the neighbourhood and it’s the perfect solution to elevate your property marketing. 

We sell our content to anyone who is trying to sell or rent their  property.  Whether you’re a real estate agent looking to take your marketing to the next level or a vacation rental owner wanting to increase your booking conversion, LocalPix has the right content to help you maximize your exposure.  

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